There are a couple of things to avoid when exercising. Boston Fitness Guru, Chad Flahive, tips us off on what NOT to do when planning our workouts

We trust Chad and treasure his advice! You may have seen him heating up things at Equinox. Perhaps, he’s kicked your butt at Barry’s Boot Camp. And if you’ve ever seen a group of people enthusiastically exercising in a Boston Public park, that would be Chad motivating clients in his group fitness company, Public Body. The point is, Chad is totally qualified to give fitness advice.

Chad getting ready to pump up his Public Body peeps.

Here are two key tips from this hunky training expert!

What To Avoid When Working Out

First thing, in this world of social media, lots of people claim to be fitness experts and will post random, not science-based workouts on their Instagram feeds. While I’m a huge proponent of any movement is better than no movement, if you are serious about your goals, make sure that you are doing workouts that are designed by certified professionals.

Less Is More!

Another mistake many people make working out hard-core for six or seven days a week. You will hear fitness professionals say this all the time, but your recovery days (and sleep!) are more important than your workout days. I’m 43-years-old and I’ve actually seen my biggest improvements in muscle gain and my biggest decreases in body fat when I reduced my workouts to only three days a week. It was hard for me to make this transition, but when the only factor that I changed was the frequency of my workouts, the truth was in the science!

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