We’re hoping the Patriots will have the cosmos on their side this Sunday.

The blood moon is upon us!

Don’t worry; no real blood will be spilled this playoff Sunday. The term Blood Moon refers to a total lunar eclipse when the moon looks coppery red.

While the moon sits in Earth’s umbra (or shadow), the sun sheds it’s orange and red hues around the perimeter, and that gorgeous golden light lands on the moon. Think of the color of the sun as it rises and sets. To explain even further, that warm color comes from atmospheric refraction. As if the Earth’s atmosphere, at that periphery, is a prism that only lets in the colors red and orange.

Sunday night at 9:36 p.m. Eastern Time as the moon first enters Earth’s outer shadow turn your birdie necks to the sky. Around 11:40 it will reach totality. While the Patriots don’t need us to cross our fingers for a win, we are crossing our fingers that the skies are clear in the North East. Otherwise, look for an orange hue to the clouds.

Thanks for taking a break from the usual fashion and with us! We hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

Keep looking at the skies!