Dark chocolate, cheese, and Tequila Anejo- what a perfect combination and close to our Mexican fiesta!

Anejo Tequila is the last in our Tequila tour. We learned that a Reposado Tequila has been aged or “rested.” The same is true for an Anejo; except, Anejo Tequila has rested for at least one and up to three years. That extra time in the barrels yields so much in color, flavor, and general mellowing of the Tequila, but not it’s true spirit. Even though the barrel aging imparts oaky, warm vanilla notes, this is still Tequila! You can expect a hint of that Tequila kick we all love so much! Anejo roughly translates to “mature.” So, we like to think of Anejo as the wise old uncle of Blanco.

That soft vanilla edge makes Anejo a perfect after-dinner drink, which is why we included it in the dessert portion of our fiesta. What to pair with it? We served up dark chocolate and Jasper Hill Harbison Cheese. Any earthy cheese will do, but we love the presentation of the spruce bark around this gooey cow’s milk cheese.

We opted for Casamigos Anejo Tequila with spicy Taza dark chocolate. A beautiful finish to a wonderful dinner!