The second annual “Tailored on the Town” gala to raise funds for uniforms for kids around the world held at the Lenox Hotel featured designer Michael De Paulo, kneeling center, with a host of local women wearing his fashion creations. Photo by Michael Blancahrd
Read Erica Corsano’s Boston Herald Coverage of the Event Here.

We were thrilled to participate in the second annual “Tailored on the Town” Gala. Kim was one lucky girl, donning a gorgeous coat by the talented Michael De Paulo in a fashion show for the event. The real stars of the show were Megan Kelly and Jessica Roy, who founded Tailored for Education. Their organization helps children in developing countries gain access to education, with a secondary achievement of boosting local economies in those communities. These two women are very special people! As we move into the holiday season, consider purchasing one of their gorgeous Vineyard Vine ties, or many of the other products as a gift that does good. Megan and Jessica – you are definitely a couple of hauties in our eyes! Check out their site here.


Kim & Jess