Look at those red Louboutins. Good lord are they amazing. Oh good lord, they cost $1995.00.

We love shoes, but we don’t love having to consider selling our children to buy them. We kid, we would never sell our kids, maybe just list them as available help on Task Rabbit. They can wash windows- right?

Not to worry, no one has to rent out her children or sell her hair for any of the new gorgeous fall shoes. We’ve done a little bit of research and found some great bargain basement options to the high-end counterparts. Happy shoe shopping!!!

Suede Fringe Boots

Suede and fringe are still big this season. We love both of these tall camel-colored boots. Can you guess which is the lust and which is the must?


The lust Saint Laurent “Lilly” boot is on the left for a measly $1595.00. Three car payments for a pair of boots? That might be hard to swallow.

On the right, for $61.10, are Go Jane’s Fringe Worthy Suede Boots. We realize there is a platform. Buy, at 4% of the cost of the Saint Laurent’s, we’ll take the platform. Plus, who doesn’t want to be a little taller?

Metal Cap Toe Skate Sneakers

Wow, that’s a mouthful for a shoe name. But, these hipster shoes are everywhere this fall! As are sneakers in general. Here’s an example where the two pairs are practically identical.


On top are a sleek pair by Miu Miu. Sure, they are imprinted with the brand’s name, so that everyone knows you spent $535.00 for your new kicks.

We think the Steve Madden’s are just as cool, especially because they are on sale right now for $52.49!

Metallic Heels

Metallic shoes, polished to a mirror shine are going to be cause for reflection with each step you take this fall. 😉 We love these pair of rose gold heels.


Again, on the left are the high-end version by Sofia Webster. We admit, the heels are pretty spectacular and at $450, might be worth the splurge.

But, just knowing Asos.com, sells the pair on the right that are so stinking close for only $41.00 might make that splurge a bit of an emotional hurdle.

Pom Pom Shoes

One, two, three, four, we love pom poms we want more! Sorry, the inner cheerleader in us couldn’t resist! Pom poms and fur are two of the major adornments for accessories this fall, and these shoes hit both trends. We love both these heels. But, when you hear the price difference, for such a trendy shoe, we think you’ll consider the option on the right.


Confession, we’re seriously lusting after EVERYTHING in Aquazzara’s shoe line up. Especially the Suede Wild Russian Heels with Mink Fur. But at $895.00, if we want to fill our closet with more than one pair of these new fall shoes, we really should head back to Go Jane’s website.

Because the above pair on the right are only $32.50. Best part? Faux fur and faux suede. Sure, that helps lower the cost, but it also helps to save our furry little friends. 🙂

Tall Lace-Up Boots

Looking for the perfect shoe to go with your bohemian or Victorian look? Try a tall lace-up boot baby! Laces are even showing up on ankle booties too. But, we love the tall boots for all of the drama!


What drama? For $1600.00, the Prada Boots on the left might cause a lot of drama in many households. On second thought… No more drama!

Not to worry! No need to hide the credit card statement or launder cash from the family cookie jar. From Amazing Lace, the Down Towner Tan Lace Up Knee High Boots on the right are still dramatic and only $46.00. What’s that worth? The cost of 9 bags of Oreos? The cookie jar won’t suffer too much. 🙂

Velvet Boots and Chunky Heels

We’re covering three of the major shoe trends with these boots: 1. velvet 2. chunky heels 3. gorgeous jewel tones.


We’re going to admit, the counterpart (on the right) to these gorgeous $975.00 hunter green velvet Miu Miu boots (on the left) aren’t perfect. If we were going to do the splurge anywhere, it might be with these Miu Miu boots. But, then again, they are pretty trendy, and at almost a grand, justifying the cost would be pretty hard.

To say we found an economic alternative is an understatement. The 70’s Stacked Heel Booties on Akira.com are only $20.00!!!! At that price, we can buy them in every color guilt free!

Velvet Sandals

Velvet takes the classic summer shoe silhouette into the colder season, and in a deep jewel tone. We have a personal mission to eradicate the name “ox-blood” as a color, and so, we’re just going to call the color Bordeaux, like Mr. Choo does. Hell, call them maroon if you want. It really doesn’t matter. They are both beautiful.


The Jimmy Choo’s on the left do have a little more pizzazz with leather trim, a thicker heel and platform toe. They also come in a fantastic shade of sapphire. Bad news? They cost $925.00.

On the right, Go Jane knocks it out of the park again with their Velvet Allure Ankle Straps at $31.20.

Embellished Heels

Embellishments aren’t just on heels, there on boots, bags, jeans. Everything is getting bedazzled this season. We’ll talk more about our feelings on this topic in another post. But, for now, we’re giving a thumbs up to statement heels and adorned shoes, especially for a night out on the town.


If we were Cinderella, we might ask our fairy godmother for the Jimmy Choo Anouk crystal embellished suede pumps. And at $2725.00, she might laugh and send us packing with our pumpkin and mice.

Or, perhaps she would talk some sense into us and conjure up the Blue by Betsey Johnson Ariel Embellished Pumps, on sale now for $90.30

Shearling Boots

You might need to buy a pair of suede and shearling boots to go with the shearling coats that are starting to fill up the mall store coat racks. They’re everywhere! Good news is there are so many options in the boot department. Plus, in New England, wearing something fuzzy on your feet during the winter months is a wonderful feeling!


On the left, Chloe does a spectacular job with a pair of shearling-trimmed suede wedge boots. Priced at $1410.00, maybe not so spectacular…

On the right, Juicy Couture’s Buckle Suede Wedge Ankle Boots. Hurry up ladies and put them in your cart. Right now, they are on sale for $59.99.

Valentino Rockstuds

We’ve had an obsession with Valentino’s Rockstuds for quite some time. And yes, that obsession has caused us to purchase more than one of the rock’n’roll, yet feminine shoes. This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. But at a price range of $700 to well over $2000 a pop, it’s a hard one to follow. So, we’ve found a nice alternative to their classic ankle bootie.


The above petite heel with a pointed toe, retails for $1375.00. Those rockstuds do sure hit hard.


These Harley-Davidson boots come pretty close to the style. At $82.35, they definitely won’t hurt as much. Well, at least the price won’t. We can’t promise how you’ll feel about the heel. 😉

We hope you found a few pairs that fit your style. Have you been on your own shoe hunt? Do you have any high/low comparisons? Feel free to share in the comments section.

In the meantime, enjoy those flip-flops while you still can. 🙂


Jess & Kim 🙂