So, you’ve spent a little too much extra time at the beach soaking up the sun and hopefully sipping on some rose 😉 . Now, the sun is setting, and you’re frenzied trying to get ready in time to carry the fun into the evening?

Trust me. I know this drill all too well; this isn’t my first summer hair rodeo! The best thing about beach hair is the texture! So, don’t waste any time washing your hair; embrace the hair magic that happens from that salty air and glistening ocean water! Here are five quick styles that are easy (and perfect) to take you from the beach to the bar!

1. Messy Ponytail

Works Best For People With – Any hair type!!

What and How – A ponytail is probably the most versatile hairstyle; it works for all hair and can be sultry or sweet. When coming off the beach, use that salty textured hair to create a slightly tousled look. Grab the hair, pull it back, and then start to work the shape by loosening and tightening to create the height you want in the font. Utilize hair product for taming frizz or fluffing it up! For a sleeker look use a brush to slick the sides and top and add the desired volume. Feel like adding a little bit of sass? Work a side braid into that baby!


  • Frizz Tamer Kerastase Fudissime Spray – Spray on damp hair and allow to dry. If you’re coming straight out of that magical ocean, towel dry and spray before you pull it back to dry thoroughly.
  • Beach Wavers –
    • Loreal Techni Art Beach Spray Amazing for wet to dry hair. You can even spray on dry hair to give it a salty textured feel.
    • Kerastase Curl fever – a gel product for wet to dry or even just dry hair. For wet to dry twist the product into sections or apply as a refresher on dry curls (has some hold!)
  • FinisherShu Umera Texture Spray – A dry aerosol spray that adds extra VAVOOM!

2. Pinned Updo

Works Best For People With –  Medium to long hair with texture.

What and How – Twist that sea swept hair and pin it low and loose for a sexy evening look. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. In fact, a few stray hairs framing your face will totally add to the sex appeal!


 3. Halo Braid

Works Best For People With – Any hair type!!!

What and How –  So, you’re not perfect – who is? That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a halo! I love seeing this style with the rest of the hair flowing. All you have to do is make two braids on the crown of your head and connect in the back. Leave remaining hair with a textured look (straight or wavy!)


  • Shine – Elixir ultimate finisher –  This is like Lip gloss for your hair! Use this product to keep your halo intact! It will help prevent any stray hairs in the braid!
  • Finisher – Use your favorite texture spray and top with Kerastase Serum Therapist to seal any split ends to finish!

4. Beachy Waves

Works Best For People With – SOME texture – if you have straight hair, it will just look dirty if you don’t have a heat source for curls.

What and How – This is the quintessential summer hairstyle! For this one, all you have to do is let your hair air dry and use the product of your choice! If you don’t have very wavy hair, you can also twist it into sections and let it dry. Hey, if it worked for Daryl Hannah in Splash, it can work for the rest of us – right? Just make sure you remember to wear a swimsuit when walking out of the water, and perhaps some Lubriderm for those scales! 😉


5. Fishtail Braid

Works best for people with – Medium to long hair

What and How –  My last recommendation is to be one with the ocean with this marine-inspired braid! It’s polished, yet has an “I-don’t-care” vibe. Plus, the reverse braid will stay put all night!

If you want texture in the front, start with a beach spray or curl cream. For keeping that braid in order, use elixir ultimate hard serum!

And these styles aren’t just for the single ladies! I know all of you haute mamas out there are always in a rush! Good thing the sand and sea works its magic not only on your hair but on the little ones at bedtime. Try one of these styles for a sophisticated evening with the hubby after the kiddos are asleep.

Stylist Ashley Mason

Ashley is currently a senior stylist at Salon Capri located at 11 Newbury Street in Boston.

Not only is she funny and adorable, but extremely talented. The Boston Beauty Awards crowned Ashley as the Best Balayage act in town. She was also recently part of the Loreal Global Tour!

Big hugs to Ashley for sharing these great tips with us! We can’t wait to try them out this weekend!