It’s that time of year again… time to make sure we get enough miles to maintain our elite status despite the apparent lack of work travel (which is mind boggling considering how much we travel for work!!)

So we decided to make a quick run to Anchorage… 1) because I’ve never been, 2) because it was cheap, and 3) because it sounded fun!

[Day 1]

So, it takes about all day to get from ATX to Anchorage.  We flew AUS to LAX, and then from LAX to SEA, and then from SEA to ANC.  We got there around 2:30 PM local time (5:30 PM central).  We went straight to the Marriott Anchorage Downtown and checked in.  Since both of us were had work the next day and would be on conference calls, they were kind enough to put us in a hospitality suite (score!).

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 005

We were so tired by the time we got there, we spent a little bit of time in the concierge lounge to get a little work done before heading back and going straight to sleep.  First call the next day started at 5:00 AM local time!

[Day 2]

We spent most of the day on conference calls and doing miscellaneous other work items that needed to be done.  Our last call ended around 1:00 local time (5:00 PM EST, of course) giving us just enough time to grab lunch at the Glacier BrewHouse.  Four star awesomeness!  Had their bacon cheeseburger (no bun), which really hit the spot!

After lunch, we drove over to Earthquake Park to see the spot where a huge chunk of land essentially fell into the ocean during an earthquake in the 1960’s

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 026 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 032 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 029

We then drove around a little and found our way to the Alaska Aviation Museum.  Really neat seeing all the cool planes there.  Apparently there are about as many planes per person in anchorage as there are cars.  We literally drove for five minutes through tons of single prop lanes just to get to the museum.

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 074 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 064 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 060 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 056 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 053

At this point, we were pretty beat (close to 10:00 PM central) so we opted for room service and an early night.

[Day 3]

GAME DAY!  Time for the Red River Rivalry… we were up pretty early and watched the 8:00 AM kickoff.  Around half-time we decided it was time for some game-day food and found our way to a small grocery store for pot stickers, pizza bites, and chips! << Cheat day! >>

Game day food helped because Texas kicked OU’s behind in a good way :)

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 092 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 091 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 090

After the game we checked out of the hotel and went for a drive.  The whole time, it had been pretty cloudy and we hadn’t been able to see much in the way of mountains, but it finally started to clear up a little as we were heading out of town towards Whittier, AK — a small Alaska town, pop 177.  This place is MAYBE two square miles.  It was more about the drive, and the tunnel to get there which was pretty cool.  Of course when we got to this one lookout point to see a glacier on the way, it started to rain pretty hard, but that’s half the adventure!

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 118 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 117 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 124 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 213 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 217 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 287 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 226 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 249 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 270 2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 278


We had lunch at the Anchor Inn, which was probably the only place in Whittier to eat, but it was really neat, and the drinks were welcome.

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 245


We made it back to Anchorage with plenty of time to spare.  We had dinner at Simon & Seafort’s Saloon & Grill; Alaskan king crab really hit the spot!

2013-10 Anchorage, AK - 304


After a nice late dinner, we hopped the red-eye home with a midnight flight from ANC to SEA to SFO to AUS.

Good times :)

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