Perry’s is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Austin.  The service is and quality of food is right on par with the price; the ambiance is haute, and the drinks are great.

The bar at the Austin location has a great happy hour, and is my personal favorite spot in the whole restaurant to eat.  It’s a great lounge, and they usually have a live jazz trio or some other live music… and they have great drinks!


You HAVE to try the Cherry Pepper Calamari!  I can’t go to Perry’s and not get it.  What I like about this calamari is that it’s not heavily battered, but has just a light dusting and is flash fried.  It’s paired with a pepper/jalapeño relish and has a nice kick to it.

Another must have is their home made polish sausage.  It’s served with a sweet barbecue sauce and mustard along side of some club crackers.


My go-to at Perry’s is the Filet Perry.  It’s an 8 oz filet mignon topped with lump crab and herb garlic butter.

What they’re famous for (and what I’ve ordered the last couple of times) is their famous pork chop.  This pork chop is slow-smoked and caramelized.  They literally bring it to you on a cart and carve it table side.  You’re presented with the three main parts, the eye-lash, the baby back ribs, and the eye.  They also recommend the order in which to eat the various parts of the pork chop and provide a wet napkin and some homemade applesauce!

Definitely an experience worth having!

Perry's Pork chop


I honestly don’t know if there is any other dessert on the menu, but you have to try the Mont Blanc!  It’s a flamboyant experience to say the least!

It’s a got vanilla ice cream served on a homemade sponge cake with freshly cut strawberries, topped with a flambéed Belgium white chocolate sauce prepared tableside with Bailey’s Irish Cream… great for sharing…

Perry's Mont Blanc 1

Perry's Mont Blanc 2

Definitely give this five out of five stars!  When you’re in Austin, you have to check it out!