This year’s food party took us form Bangkok to Phuket – A Culinary Journey through Thailand! We had so much amazing food, the hardest part was picking the winners:

[Most Creative]
Michelle & I Thaied in first place!  Michelle made “Fun Thai Me” pizza – a delicious medley of salmon, pineapple, and deliciousness!

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2766


I made a panang mushroom curry with bamboo:

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2762
Bonnie’s Coconut Lime Cilantro “Rice” came in a close second; this paleo version used Cauliflower instead of rice:

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2758

Tim, David, & Jordan’s Thai Mac & Cheese came in third with all its cheesy spicy deliciousness!

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2772

Fourth place was Thaied THREE WAYS between:

Jason & Crystal’s spring rolls

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2756

Carol’s Thai Beef Salad

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2770

And John and Robin’s Thai Chicken Meatballs with Peanut sauce (picture is MIA, unfortunately).


[Best Tasting]

Jutta’s Thai Egg Rolls tied in first place with my panang curry; they were flavorful, crunchy, and accompanied by a homemade peanut sauce:

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2764

In second place were the Thai-inspired chicken meatballs with peanut sauce that John and Robin brought.

Bonnie’s Coconut Lime Cilantro “Rice” came in third.

Finally, Erin’s Dragon Wings came in a very close fourth:

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2776

Other honorable mentions included Hans & Debra’s Hot Thai Veggie Delight:

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2778

My Paleo beef Satay with “Peanut” sauce (made from Almonds):

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2760


Also, Susan’s Lemon Coconut Bunt Cake and Spicy Pesto Pasta could not be ignored!

From Bangkok to Phuket - 2768From Bangkok to Phuket - 2774


Lots of other great food came across the table, followed by good times, libations, and hot tub/pool fun!


From Bangkok to Phuket - 2754