Our annual summer cook-off challenges are just another excuse to get together and have a party!  This year’s cook-off challenge theme was the Red, White, & Blue Balls!

To enter a food item into the challenge, the dish must be in the shape of a ball, and it must have the color red and/or white and/or blue.

First place winner in the category of Best Tasting was Bonnie’s Bolas de Pata:

Bonnie's Bolas de Patata

These deep fried balls of mashed potato are lightly battered with flour and breadcrumbs and filled with grass-fed picadillo, which is Spanish-style ground beef browned with red bell peppers (the red) and served with a garlic and hot sauce aioli.

First place in the category of Most Creative was Michelle & John’s Hairy Balls:

Michelle & John's Harry Balls

These delicately seasoned meatballs had spagetti (white) strung through the center!

Check out the photo gallery below for some of the other deliciously amazing entries.

Mike & Mark, the Bartending Twins, were back in full effect this year mixing up delectable concoctions:

The Bartending Twins

Check out the rest of the fun (hint: use the full-screen mode for easier navigating through the pictures with the arrows on your keyboard):

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